Will It Ever End?

So I’m trudging through my first draft of a novel I’ve been thinking about and planning for years. I’ve started it a couple of times but am determined this is the time. What I’m finding hard, is the fact that I expected it to be only about 50,000 words when finished. Just a nice size for a murder mystery I thought. The problem is, I’m at 95,000 words and still have several scenes left to complete. So I ask you all. Is this normal??? Am I just windy, and putting too much “sand in the sandbox.”
I’ve tried to write short fiction, flash fiction, even 100 wd contests. But I can’t seem to get my point or story across in this short of a format. I guess I’ve always been a “talker,” and love to share stories of past experiences, especially from working as an RN for years. I know that I need to be concise, and put down the best words to describe my scene and keep it tight. “Don’t waste words.” I’ve heard all the advice quotes, but my question is, how do I do that?
I know that when I edit and re-write I’ll probably get rid of about half of what I’ve written so far. That thought kills me since it’s been such a struggle to get words on the page in the first place. I own just about every writing book out there, just ask Amazon. But reading it is one thing while seeing an example seems to be what helps the most. I go back and read my favorite authors and try to see how they do what they do so well.  I guess I’m just feeling the slump of this draft taking forever to finish. Maybe I’ve lost my passion for it. Either way, I’m finishing this thing if it’s the last thing I do. Whether it’s junk or the next top-seller, it doesn’t matter. I will edit and re-edit until it’s the best I have to offer. Then I will have beta readers that will give me their real opinion, rather than my loving hubby, who thinks everything I write is brilliant. (Love you, Ralph) And when I’m satisfied that “this is it,” it’s CreateSpace here I come. I just want at least one book out there with my name on the cover. That’s my goal. So I guess it’s back to shoveling sand.