Poet and Didn’t Know It

So I’ve never been a fan of poetry: Tennyson, Byron, Blake, Shelton-nope, that’s not right.

I can’t spiel out prose like some Oxford educated Brit, like you see in the movies. And I never thought Shakespear lived up to the hype.

But, as I grow older, I find myself looking back at my life and experiences, and the therapeutic expresssion of it on paper, or in 1’s and 0’s as it seems, and surprisingly it comes out easier in poetry.

Now I’m no literary expert on poetry, or for grammar and punctuation either it would seem. I know there are different types of poetry and I still don’t have any idea what a haiku is. I guess I’m old fashion in that regard because to me ,the best poems have to rhyme.

But it turns out that just saying you’ve written a rhyming poem isn’t enough. There are, at least on one website, about 10 different types of “rhyming” poems. Who knew?

I’ve written several over the last year or so and been able to express both pain and joy. Surprisingly it has actually helped me express in words, hurts I’ve held inside for a lifetime. Things I could never put into words that made sense or adequately describe the pain that went with them. But to me it still flows better with rhymes.

Maybe I’m old school, or a rapper in a grandma suit. I’ve built up quite a selection and though I suffer from a genuine fear of ridicule and rejection, which has kept me from ever submitting anything other than a few blog posts, I will be posting my prose for all to see.

I know for all those authors that have multiple books and blogs, this may seem silly. But for me this is a big step. My fear of showing anyone my writing has been very real to me. Again, fear of rejection or being labeled “just not good enough”.

But I’m putting myself out there, baring my soul to the world. Or at least the maybe 3 people that follow my blog or Facebook page. Namely my family.

So though I present my future posts of poems, short stories and ideas, I do so in fear, as they will be forever out in cyberspace for all to see.

And if you must critique me, please be kind

My heat is very tender you will find

I will write it down and just see how it goes

Building up a thick skin just like all the pros